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The GEPRC TAKER F722 E55A SE stack is a high-performance stack system aimed at racing. It adopts the mainstream F722 controller, the stable and reliable MPU6000 gyroscope, and an integrated 32Mb flash. The overall performance is reliable and stable. The wiring of the flight controller supports welding and SH1.0 terminal plug-and-play, which is convenient for installation and application.

The TAKER E55_96K BL32 4IN1 ESC 55A uses metal-encapsulated MOS tubes with a measured continuous overcurrent of 50A and an instantaneous current of 55A, fully meeting the requirements of professional drone racing.

All stacks mounting hole size is 25.5 x 25.5MM, which is compatible with most frames in the market for installing AIO flight controllers. The stack combination can help dissipate heat from the main controller and MOS tubes.


  1. The new TAKER series, a high-performance stack system, adopts a 2306.5 1350KV motor and 7.5-inch drone for testing and can operate stably.
  2. Adpots mainstream F722 main controller with MPU6000 gyroscope.
  3. 32Mb black box storage.
  4. Support receiver, analog camera, and support plug-in of the DJI Air Unit directly.
  5. The design of 10V 2A+5V 2.5A dual-channel independent BEC.
  6. The customized 25.5mm x 25.5mm mounting holes are compatible with most of the AIO frames in the market.
  7. TAKER E55_96K BL32 4IN1 ESC 55A metal package MOS tube ESC possesses a better heat dissipation effect and performance.




IMU: MPU6000

Black Box: 32Mb Flash

USB: Type-C

OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip

BEC output: 5V@2.5A?10V@2A dual-output BEC

Firmware Target: TAKERF722SE

Dimension: 31.7×31.5mm

Moutning hole sizes?25.5×25.5mm?mounting hole size is ?4mm, use vibration reduction silicone to transform the fixing screws into 3mm or 2mm.

Input voltage: 7.4V-25.2V?LiPo 2-6S)

UART: 6 UARTS(for Uart6 ESC only)

Power Filter: Integrated LC filter

Weight: 6.0g

TAKER E55_96K BL32 4IN1 ESC 55A

Input Voltage?7.4V-25.2V?LiPo 2-6S)


PWM refresh frenquency: 24K-96K

Continuous Current?55A

Burst Current?60A (5s)

Telemetry: Support

Support Protocol?Oneshot125/Oneshot42/Mulishot modes Dshot 150/300/600

Firmware Target: ST_G0_05



1 x Flight control

1 x ESC

1 x 35V 470uf capacitor

1 x XT60 power cord

1 x 8pin flight controller ESC cable

4 x M3*22 screws

6 x M3 anti-slip nuts

12 x 4 convert to 3mm vibration-reduction silicone

12 x 4 convert to 2mm vibration-reduction silicone

1 x 65mm camera lens cable

1 x 25mm camera lens cable

1 x Receiver cable

1 x DJI Air Unit Cable connector

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