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Built or Ready to Fly

Built Quads (BNF, PNF & RTF)

RTF – “Ready To Fly”
These are RC planes or helicopters that come ready to fly straight out of the box! All you may have to do is charge the battery. These are the easiest kind and are great for newbies to RC hobbies.
BNF – “Bind ‘n’ Fly”
Here you get just the plane/helicopter, and you have to ‘bind’ (connect) your own controller (receiver) to the model. Binding is a very easy and quick process, usually taking seconds. So long as you make sure your controller’s transmitter is compatible to the model’s receiver before you buy you’ll have no problems.
PNF – “Plug ‘n’ Fly”
What does PNF mean in RC terminology? You’ll need more knowledge and experience when dealing with PNFs. What you get is the model VEHICLE. You will need to supply your own controller (transmitter), and supply and install your own receiver and battery in the model itself. It’s not that hard, if you’re willing to learn and give it a try.
ARF – “Almost Ready to Fly”
These are more like a ‘kit’. The model itself comes in parts and will need assembly. In addition you’ll probably need to supply your own transmitter, receiver and battery, as in the ‘plug n fly’ models above. You’ll probably not enjoy tackling these unless you’ve got quite a bit of experience – or help from somebody who does!

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